Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper

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Epson has earned a strong reputation for first-class printers, which offer an outstanding combination of quality, reliability and value for money. However, unless these products are complemented by Epson consumables to match, users cannot expect to fully capitalize on their investment. Epson understands that printing is a process, with printer, inks and paper working together to offer the ultimate in quality output. With this in mind, each Epson consumable features innovative design, meticulous development, precision manufacture and rigorous quality control, ensuring that Epson hardware continues to offer optimum performance throughout a long, trouble-free, working life.

Tekniset tiedot

Valmistaja Epson
Määrä pakkauksessa 1
Paperin koko 13x18cm
Paper type Photo Paper
Tulostusteknologia Mustesuihku
Median paino 300 g/m2
Rei'itetty/Rei'ittämätön Rei'ittämätön
Mediatyyppi Kiiltävä valokuvapaperi
Paperin laaatu Kiiltävä
Pinnoitettu paperi Ei
Sisältyvä määrä 50 arkki(a)
Ruotsalainen arkisto Ei