Samsung AA-PB9NC6W/E

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  • AA-PB9NC6W/E


When you're on the go, you don't want to worry about having enough battery power for your laptop. With an extra battery on hand, you'll be able to accomplish it all. Samsung batteries are designed exclusively for the mobile computers and because they passed rigorous compatibility tests, you can rest assured that they are reliable. Use your laptop and spare battery together for a powerful, hassle-free mobile PC experience no matter where you are.

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Valmistaja Samsung
Pakattu määrä 1
Malli AA-PB9NC6W/E
Merkki Samsung
Tuotelinja Samsung
Värikategoria Musta
Laitetyyppi Laptop battery
Pariston kapasiteetti 5200 mAh
Asennettu määrä 1
Tekniikka Litiumioni
Akkuteknologia 6-kennoinen llitiumioni
Akun kapasiteetti 5200 mAh
Värikategoria Black
Tuotetyyppi Sylimikron akku