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Lenovo ThinkStations based on the Intel Xeon platforms deliver an expert workbench experience, where complex data sets are transformed into actionable design information. Adding a second Intel Xeon processor to your ThinkStation D20 and ThinkStation C20 or C20x system helps boost your system's performance for advanced compute-intensive multithreading applications such as Digital Content Creation, advanced 3D CAD visualization, and High Performance Computing. In environments where second processor ThinkStation configurations are popular, Lenovo heatsink options not only provides quiet, reliable cooling for Xeon CPUs under all operating loads, but also provide greater flexibility and choice for the ThinkStation customer. With the Lenovo second processor heatsink option, ThinkStation customers have the ultimate freedom to choose the best processor at the best price.

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Tuotetyyppi Processor heatsink, Suorittimen jäähdytyslevy
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