Fujitsu Bay Projector for Modular Bay skannaava laserprojektori

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  • S26391-F1104-L600


The Fujitsu Bay Projector is the first projector which can be inserted in the modular bay of a notebook. The patented projector offers mobility and convenience in the office as well as at home. As a business notebook user you might know the scenario of arriving at an important meeting ready to give a presentation, only to discover that the projector is broken, missing or just won't work with your notebook. The Bay Projector solves that problem for you and converts your notebook into a fully-mobile office, granting you the flexibility you demand. Show your colleagues the latest figures, videos and illustrations and profit from spontaneous presentations without cables, simplifying your way of working. When on the move or at home, you can easily benefit from the projector as a personal cinema.

Tekniset tiedot

Valmistaja Fujitsu
Pakattu määrä 1
Malli For Modular Bay
Tuotelinja Fujitsu Bay Projector
General / Enclosure Colour Black
Äänentaso 38 dB
Virran kulutus (toiminnassa) 7.5 Wattia
Operating temperature
Humidity Range Operating 20 - 80%
Mitat ja Paino
Leveys 12.8 cm
Syvyys 12.61 cm
Korkeus 1.15 cm
Paino 0.15 kg