Buffalo MiniStation Safe

1TB Musta

75,64 €
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  • HD-PNF1.0U3BB-EU

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Muistin koko
1 TB
USB 3.0
Kiintolevyaseman tyyppi
Ulkoinen kiintolevyasema

Tärkeimmät ominaisuudet

  • Lock-and-Go
  • More protection
  • A small, attractive, and secure package


Buffalo's new MiniStation Safe (HD-PNFU3 series) is a slim, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, portable hard drive that comes in a patented shock-proof chassis and features Buffalo's new Lock-and-Go feature - thereby protecting your data in two important ways!Firstly, Buffalo gave the HD-PNFU3 a sleek design with an attractive matte finish and Buffalo's patented shock-proof chassis. The second protection comes from Buffalo's new Lock-and-Go feature allowing both PC and Mac users to quickly and easily password-protect their data. The MiniStation Safe will stay locked until the correct password is re-entered - no matter where you take it!Want more protection? With Buffalo Tools' SecureLockMobile PC users can software encrypt their device and have the option to keep both encrypted and unencrypted data on the same drive. Files are password protected once moved into an encrypted container and users can choose between 128 or 256 bit encryption (default value is 256 bit). The difference: 128 bit encryption could theoretically be cracked in a billion years; and 256 bit would take even longer - using a super computer! This type of encryption has never been broken and governments and businesses place a great deal of faith that it never will be.The new HD-PNFU3 MiniStation Safe brings you the Buffalo quality you know and trust in a small, attractive, and secure package. MiniStation Safe is available with 1TB, or 2TB capacities. All capacities are available in black; 1TB capacity is also available in red.

Tekniset tiedot

Valmistaja Buffalo
Tuotelinja BUFFALO MiniStation Safe
Pakattu määrä 1
Muistin koko 1 TB
Tyyppi Kiintolevyasema
Liitin USB 3.0
Kiintolevyaseman tyyppi Ulkoinen kiintolevyasema
Ulkoinen asematyyppi Kannettava
Yhteensopivuusstandardit AES 256 bittiä, 128-bit AES
Ominaisuudet Iskunkestävä, Ohjelmistosalaus, Virranhallintatuki
Virtalähde USB-väylä
Väri Musta
Vaadittu käyttöjärjestelmä Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Windows 8 (32/64 bits), Windows 8.1 (32/64 bits), Apple MacOS X 10.4 - 10.9
Sisältyvät kaapelit 1 x USB 3.0 -kaapeli
Ohjelmisto Buffalo Tools, SecureLockMobile
Vähimmäiskäyttölämpötila 5 °C
Enimmäiskäyttölämpötila 35 °C
Mitat & paino
Leveys 79.5 mm
Syvyys 115 mm
Korkeus 16 mm
Paino 170 g
Huolto ja tuki
Huolto ja tuki Rajoitettu takuu - 3 vuotta