Sony NP F770

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Give your Handycam camcorder some extra charge with the NP-F770 InfoLithium L series rechargeable battery pack. Now with 30 percent more stamina than the NP-F750 rechargeable battery pack, the NP-F770 provides up to 10 hours of continuous recording time. This battery pack features a built-in microprocessor that accurately calculates the remaining power within minutes. It also doesn't have the memory effect found in other batteries, so you can charge it at any time, regardless of how much charge is remaining.

Tekniset tiedot

Valmistaja Sony
Tuotetyyppi Camcorder battery
Akun kapasiteetti 4400, 4400 mAh mAh
Akkuteknologia Litiumioni
Battery technology Lithium Ion
Tuotetyyppi Kameranauhurin akku