Gigaset G-Tag


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Tärkeimmät ominaisuudet

  • Quickly finds missing items
  • App is simple to install and use
  • Keeps track of multiple G-tags at once


It's easy to misplace, forget or loose things. But now there is G-tag from Gigaset to prevent this from happening. G-tag is innovative product and it boasts search, alarm and reminder functions, not to mention a permanent connection between you and the G-tag marked items. G-tag is a convenient and effective way to protect and locate important and cherished possessions.G-tag searches for and finds lost or misplaced items, gives off an alarm as soon as an item moves outside of the range of the Bluetooth connection, helps people find their parked cars and boasts a list feature that reminds you to keep important things with you at all times. G-tag can even utilize GPS to locate things that are outside of its range.

Tekniset tiedot

Valmistaja Gigaset Communications
Tuotesarja Gigaset
Tuotetyyppi Wireless security tag, Langaton turvallisuustagi
Käyttötarkoitus Matkapuhelin
Väri Oranssi
CE Accessories / Product Type Wireless security tag
Color Orange
Mitat ja Paino
Leveys 3.7 cm
Syvyys 0.92 cm
Korkeus 3.7 cm
Paino 0.012 kg