Crucial DDR2


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Help your desktop perform at its best. Designed to help your desktop run faster and smoother, a Crucial memory upgrade is one of fastest, most affordable, and easiest ways to improve your system's performance. Crucial memory empowers your desktop to achieve faster application loading times, faster system responsiveness, and increased ability to multitask and handle data-intensive programs. What does this mean? Spend less time staring at loading screens and more time getting stuff done. Crucial desktop modules are rigorously tested at both the component and module levels to ensure that your memory meets the stringent compatibility and performance standards. Every module manufactured is inspected by the Systems Compatibility Group before it leaves the doors. At a fraction of the price of your desktop, an investment in Crucial memory helps your system get up to speed.

Tekniset tiedot

Tallennuskapasiteetti 2 GB
Muistimoduulit 1
Muistin nopeus 800 MHz
Tekniikka DDR2 SDRAM
Koko tai muoto DIMM 240-nastainen
Tiedon eheystarkistus Non-ECC
Alkuperäisen laitevalmistajan vastaava osanumero DELL A2149882, DELL A2055829, DELL A1669629, DELL A2810658, DELL A2810656, HP 457624-001, Kingston KTH-XW4400C6/2G, DELL A2887205, HP NQ605AT, DELL A1229322, HP AH060AA, IBM 41U2978, IBM 41X1081, HP AH060AT, DELL A1302689, DELL A1302686, DELL A1545199, DELL A1545200, DELL A1545335, DELL A1544901, DELL A1545367, DELL A3198146, HP 5189-2180, HP KC923-69001, DELL A0735489, DELL A0735492, DELL A0735493, DELL A0743585, DELL A0743586, DELL A0764429, DELL A1189543, DELL A1229318, DELL A1229319, DELL A1229320, DELL A1229324, DELL A1229325, DELL A1312839, Crucial MT16HTF25664AZ-800H1, DELL A1302690, DELL A1370435, DELL A1763798, DELL A1763802, DELL A2050435, DELL A2129718, DELL A2149876, DELL A2149880, DELL A2315684, DELL A2463645, DELL A2686137, DELL A2686139, DELL A2686141, DELL A2686143, DELL A2686145, DELL A2686147, HP AU741AA#ABA, Crucial CT16HTF25664AY-800J3A, Kingston D25664G60, Kingston KFJ2890/2G, Kingston KTD-DM8400C/2G, Kingston KTD-DM8400C6/2G, Kingston KTD-INSP6000C/2G, Kingston KTL2975C6/2G, Kingston KVR800D2N5/2G, Kingston KVR800D2N6/2G, Crucial MT16HTF25664AY-800E1, Crucial MT16HTF25664AY-800G1
CAS-viive CL6
Noudatettu muistimääritys PC2-6400
Tallennettu tai puskuroitu Puskuroimaton
Muistityyppi (RAM) DRAM
Päivitystyyppi Yleinen
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