Startech 0.5m Coax High Resolution Monitor VGA Video Cable HD15 M/M

15-nastainen HD D-Sub (HD-15) Uros 15-nastainen HD D-Sub (HD-15) Uros Musta 0.5m

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Connect your VGA monitor with the highest quality connection available. The MXTMMHQ50CM 0.5m High Resolution VGA Cable (50cm) is designed to provide the highest video quality possible through VGA, ideally suited for high resolution applications of 1920x1200 and above.
This durably constructed coaxial VGA video cable (HD15 to HD15) eliminates the picture "ghosting" and fuzzy images that are inherent to non-coaxial VGA cables, while delivering superior EMI interference protection by using ferrite cores near the connector ends.

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