Crucial DDR2


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Help your laptop perform at its best. Designed to help your laptop run faster and smoother, a Crucial memory upgrade is one of fastest, most affordable, and easiest ways to improve your system's performance. Crucial memory empowers your laptop to achieve faster application loading times, faster system responsiveness, and increased ability to multitask and handle data-intensive programs. What does this mean? Spend less time staring at loading screens and more time getting stuff done. Crucial laptop modules are rigorously tested at both the component and module levels to ensure that your memory meets the stringent compatibility and performance standards. Every module Crucial manufactures is inspected by the Systems Compatibility Group before it leaves the doors. At a fraction of the price of your laptop, an investment in Crucial memory helps your system get up to speed.

Tekniset tiedot

Tallennuskapasiteetti 2 GB
Muistimoduulit 1
Muistin nopeus 800 MHz
Tekniikka DDR2 SDRAM
Koko tai muoto SO-DIMM 200-pin
Tiedon eheystarkistus Non-ECC
Alkuperäisen laitevalmistajan vastaava osanumero DELL A2412386, DELL A1229412, DELL A1229418, DELL A1640959, DELL A1229421, DELL A1624345, DELL A1624343, DELL A1979736, DELL A2339328, DELL A1167409, HP 482169-002, HP 482169-001, HP 497693-001, DELL A0821570, Kingston KTH-ZD8000C6/2G, DELL A2887197, DELL A2887206, DELL A2887204, DELL A2537141, DELL A2537144, DELL A1213042, DELL A1213046, DELL A2537138, HP GV576AT, HP KT293UT, DELL A0740457, Apple MA347G/A, DELL A0821571, DELL A0740455, DELL A0740424, DELL A0740434, DELL A1213013, HP KT293AA, Panasonic CF-WMBA802G, Toshiba PA3669U-1M2G, DELL A1837308, HP 482169-003, HP 482169-004, HP 484268-002, HP 484381-001, HP 485033-004, HP 493195-001, HP 506061-001, HP 506933-001, HP 5189-2822, HP 536428-001, HP KQ436-69006, DELL A2578600, DELL A1669625, DELL A1669627, HP 463409-641, HP 463409-642, HP 463409-644, DELL A0740428, DELL A0740430, DELL A0740459, DELL A1167408, DELL A1213038, DELL A1213044, DELL A1213049, DELL A1267899, DELL A1267906, DELL A1317365, DELL A1317369, DELL A1324656, DELL A1363320, DELL A1458002, DELL A1466399, DELL A1761837, DELL A1837306, DELL A1837307, DELL A1837309, DELL A1837310, DELL A1896220, DELL A1900807, DELL A2412389, DELL A2434621, DELL A2686149, DELL A2887200, DELL A2955116, DELL A3012750, DELL A3425746, DELL A3518854, Kingston CF-BAB2048U, Panasonic CFBA64002G, HP FQ858AA, Kingston KAC-MEMG/2G, Kingston KFJ-FPC175/2G, Kingston KTA-MB800/2G, Kingston KTT800D2/2G, Kingston KVR800D2S5/2G, Kingston KVR800D2S6/2G, Kingston M25664G60, Apple MB412G/B, Crucial MT16HTF25664HY-800E1, Crucial MT16HTF25664HY-800G1, Crucial MT16HTF25664HY-800J1, Crucial MT16HTF25664HY-800J3, Crucial MT16HTF25664HZ-800G1, Crucial MT16HTF25664HZ-800H1, Fujitsu S26391-F6120-L484, HP 451400-001, HP 480861-001, HP GV576AA
CAS-viive CL6
Noudatettu muistimääritys PC2-6400
Tallennettu tai puskuroitu Puskuroimaton
Muistityyppi (RAM) DRAM
Päivitystyyppi Yleinen
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