Maclocks Compulocks Galaxy Secure Space Enclosure White

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The Galaxy Tab A Space Enclosure secure wall mount is the ideal Galaxy Tab A security solution for all display settings including education, health-care, corporate, retail and point of sale environments.
The Space Enclosure for Galaxy Tab A Kiosk has open corners for proper ventilation and access to the audio and charging ports for continuous charging. These features allow for a fully functional device even when locked in the Galaxy Tab A Enclosure.

Tekniset tiedot

Manufacturer Maclocks
Malli Galaxy Secure Space Enclosure White
Tuotelinja Compulocks
Värikategoria Valkoinen
Tuotemateriaali Korkeatasoinen alumiini
Suosituskäyttö Tabletti
Tuotetyyppi Asennuspakkaus, Wall mount
Compatibility Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9,7"